Does it ever get easier?!

Being a working momma is tough. I don't think it ever gets easier leaving my baby. I know in my heart that he is being cared for and loved and in that aspect I don't worry AT ALL. And Honestly, my parents give him more love and attention than he can probably take.

It's the part that I am missing everything that really gets me. Its the part that I have so little quality time with him that gets me.Some nights he is below me tugging on me to pick him up while I make dinner. And of course I pick him up and hold him for a bit and then try and distract him into letting me get back to work. After dinner and bath time is all said and done, I really only have about an hour to play. Sometimes I don't even get that. He sometimes falls asleep on the way home and is out for the night.

Working is a decision we have made as a family. A decision we hope will give Sebastian a better life. I try and remind my self of this all the time. But the very first day I left my baby after maternity leave, I cried all the way to work. Quite frankly I still do it. Sometimes he clings to me when I drop him off and it simply breaks my heart. And I am thinking it's just part of being a mother. I'll do it the first day he goes to preschool, the day he goes off to college, the day he gets married. I don't really think it ever gets easier as my heart is always with him.


20 Months

How the time as just flown right past me. I often stay up late at night to look through old photos and videos. To reminice. To be greatful . To soak it all in. Soak in the fact that I am a mommy to such a wonderful little boy. Sebastian heart.

The first little words that are uttered out of that sweet boys mouth when he wakes are either Pa, Track or Mimmie. He either wants to talk to his grandpa, his hero, play with his tractors or watch MM Clubhouse for the umpteenth time (but who's complaining?)!

He has added more words to his vocabulary: Mum, DaDa, Pa (grandpa), Ma (grandma), Nino/Nina (his god parents), truck, MIMI (minnie), mimi (mickey), poooto (pluto), Toe (toto - grammas dog), ball, agua (water), nana (banana), I uv u (I Love You), OK, huh?, bus, bus goes beep beep.And others.

We had or 18 month-very late wellness checkup this month. He weighed in at 29lbs! He was a bit delayed on check-up's because he was sick all winter long. Only one more immunization and he is done for now.

He is a wizard at the Ipad. He can bring up any app as he wishes and when prompted to. I don't know how kiddos this small can be so smart. It amazes me.He amazes me.

He sleeps in his crib after he has fallen asleep in Mum and Dada's bed (wish we could get him to fall asleep in the crib like he used to?!). He clasps his little hands tightly to pray before bed. We either read a book or watch this. (and when he called lady snowman Mum...repeatedly)...I was prompted to do this! On the weekends he has been sleeping in till 9 which has been a real treat for us.

His teeth have all sprouted in 4's. He now has 16 teeth! 4 of which are peek-a-boo-ing.

He is a climber! and a jumper! All boy with nothing but energy.

****My favorite part of this stage is how he now shows momma and dadda his affection. Sometimes he will just come up and give the tightest hug. He even shakes because he tries to squeezzzzzee : )

****My least favorite part of this stage is that he no longer wants to be held for very long. He wants his independence and so the realization that my toddler truly is a toddler makes me miss him being a squishy baby. Sometimes he does come and snuggle up on momma which I really love.  

In 4 months my baby will be 2! I simply CANNOT believe it!!

My little singin' bird

Since Sebastian was a newborn, I would sing him to sleep. To this day I still sing to him when i can't get him down for a nap or at bed time. The cutest thing happened the other day and it truly  made my heart melt. We were lying in bed and he began singing to me! No words just jibberish. Oh it was the cutest thing ever. Since then, when prompted, he will sing us a song!


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